Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Three From Chanel Haute Couture Spring '15

These are my three favorites from the Chanel Haute Couture Spring 2015 show.  There was a lot to see in this collection, but these were the ones that stole my heart.  I will always be obsessed and in love with a little sleek granny chic.  See more looks here.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Happy Monday

Here's a little inspiration from Fashion Gone Rogue's "Winter's End" to sweep away the Monday blues.  This dress is so beautiful, and the shot itself is gorgeous.  I know many are faced with a colossal storm back East, to all of you, stay safe and know spring is somewhat around the corner!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Dream Vacation ~ Seychelles Islands

The Seychelles Islands look absolutely magnificent.  I never thought about going until I saw some pictures online, and then I freaked out.  It's paradise incarnate!  Never mind it's one of the last matriarchal societies on the planet (how rad is that?).  Located off the coast of Africa, in the Indian Ocean, this is a dream vacation to say the least.  Find more information on this divine land here.

Photos: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Sasha Pivovarova is one of my favorite models, so I was thrilled to see her in GIADA's S/S '15 ad campaign. These photos are gorgeous, the styling is so clean & sleek, and the looks are amazing.  It's all quite refreshing, and very chic.

Photos: Fashionising

Monday, January 12, 2015

6397 Pre-Fall 2015

6397 nailed casual chic for Pre-Fall '15.  The sweaters are perfection!  And I love the simple dresses, they're so easy breezy, and so cute.  Also loving the suit and the dark slacks, the fit of each is relaxed, and very stylish. And I could live in the denim.  The tomboy in me is stoked, it's all pretty much awesome. 

Friday, January 9, 2015

Vegan Luxe Handbags (That Won't Break The Bank)

I went on the hunt for vegan luxe handbags, and found some beauties.  There are a lot of great options for affordable cruelty-free accessories.  (I posted about some fab vegan shoes a few months back.)  I love amazing fashion, but I love animals more.  I want to see them all free, and with today's technology, that could easily happen. Faux leather, croc, fur, etc. have all come along way, and I couldn't be more thrilled.  I hope one day the entire industry gets on board so we can all advance to a higher vibrational society, while still looking fabulous.  These bags by GUNAS, Heather Belle, and Deux Lux prove it's possible, and are great options for those seeking high style, with harm to none. 


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

First Week of 2015 - Pinterest Round-Up

Happy New Year lovies!  I needed a blogging break over the holidays, but I'm back and ready to create some fun posts over the next 12 months.  I have lots of ideas, beauty tips, interviews and more in store, I'm excited!  All this week I've been searching high and low for content to start the year, but nothing grabbed my attention. Then I remembered what always has tons of inspiration for me (and everyone) is Pinterest.  Of course, the content isn't always the most current, but I'm not concerned with the latest trends.  I just want to be inspired by great fashion, awesome beauty, amazing travel, gorgeous interiors, and yummy food.  So I'm starting a Pin Round-Up feature that will be rolling all year.  Here's the first one. 

Love this look from Massimo Dutti for Winter 2015.  It's so clean and fresh.

I'm currently obsessed with sweet potatoes, and my mouth watered when I saw these vegan sweet potato quinoa patties.  They look delish.

This is some street style I can get behind.  Love the yellow, gray & black combination, and the whole look in general is so cute.

I need much more art in my life this year.  I've been feeling the desire to paint and draw again, after years of being on hiatus.  This painting by Dejan Dukic is gorgeous and inspiring.

This make-up is 2015 perfection.  It's captivating, but not overwhelming.  And the denim + hat combo is super cute, without trying so hard.  Keep it simple, it's one of my New Year mottos.

I love fashion, but I'm also totally obsessed with interior design.  This kitchen is pretty much the cocina of my dreams.

Love this bun, it's super modern and very refreshing.  A great look for the new year. 

Manhattan pins abound, and I love seeing them all. I'm craving lots of NYC time in 2015, it feels imperative.

I also love all the inspirational pins I see.  These are some serious words to live by, and the theme of 2015.  It's a powerful year of expansion, action, and manifestation (it's an infinity 8 year).  Let's all be victorious, shall we?  Wishing each of you the best year yet!!

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Friday, December 5, 2014

Anthropologie Ornaments


Ornaments are such a fun and easy gift, especially when you're buying for someone who's hard to shop for.  It's a sweet and sentimental present that lasts a lifetime.  I love these designs from Anthropologie, they're super fun and stylish, with a nice rustic, salt of the earth vibe.


Monday, December 1, 2014

Holiday Looks from H&M

The holidays are amazing, but they tend to get pricey.  Throwing parties, buying trees, decorations, and of course, all those gifts, can really add up.  It's kind of hard to justify buying new clothes, but it's always nice to have something fresh and fun to wear to a party.  Here are a few looks I rounded up from H&M that won't break the bank, and will give you an extra dash of pizzazz.  And since it's cyber Monday, all purchases over $50 are 30% off.(Talk about justification.)

This cardigan + these jeans below are a perfect combo for a casual event.  I also love the sweater as styled. 

This sequined kimono is super fun, and can be dressed up or down.

This is a very proper party dress, perfect for a work event.

Love the color of this one.  It's another great look for an office party.

This silver dress is smoking hot, while still maintaining some class.  That's a holiday win-win.

This jersey dress is fun, cute, and very versatile. 

This is a fabulous LBD that can be worn for years.

This dress is a holiday cocktail winner.

I have all kinds of love for this drape dress.  A perfect style for an event that you don't want to be overdressed for, but you want to look nice.  Add some bangles, or a statement ring to bling it up.

This jumpsuit is sweet.  It's sexy, stylish, and sophisticated.

This jumpsuit is pretty sweet as well.  Great for a casual holiday dinner with friends.